Reflecting on Assignment 2 as a Process: Thanks, Fantastic Group F! :)

I believe that the explicit objectives of Assignment 2 were achieved, as we were able to identify theories in practice in the schools that we interviewed. The objectives of the course were also met, as we had to truly understand the concepts in order to construct questions that would help us identify them based on the interviews we conducted. The questions we chose also reflected the preferences and priorities of the group. After analyzing the interviews, we gave recommendations that would help implementation of the practical applications.

I think every activity has implicit goals, and this assignment was no exception. First of all, it would be working with a group in a distance learning format. The rubrics for peer assessment clearly identified how to be a good groupmate. This is my second experience of working with a group restricted to discussion forums for communication. I believe I did better this time around, as I already knew what to expect. For me, it became just like any other groupwork, except we can’t speak in Filipino, we can’t text our groupmates to remind them of things and have to just wait for their replies/outputs, and conversations are limited to strictly business. Other implicit goals could be learning to deal with the logistics of interviews, how to conduct them, and learning how to prioritize questions,

In this assignment, I developed tacit knowledge and skills in terms of group dynamics. I made sure I was always pleasant and diplomatic even when I was trying to push some of the members to contribute a little bit more. Before, I would just do the needed work myself to make things move faster, but I wanted everyone to have chances to do something. This is why I always divided up the tasks and asked groupmates to step up. I’ve had past experiences in groupwork wherein there was nothing for me to do because one or two groupmates already did everything. I appreciated their initiative, but I felt like I wasn’t really part of the group, and I didn’t learn as much as I could have. So in this groupwork, I tried to leave something for those who were not able to log on as frequently as the others. I think it worked okay since everyone was able to claim at least one task for themselves for all of our outputs.

As a group, I wondered about how to encourage our groupmates who were not as active as the others. I wonder if they felt like they were contributing enough already, or if they had pressing problems that they didn’t want to talk about. Some of my groupmates got sick too. But, always, there was someone who stepped up. I would like to especially commend Marissa, Angelica and Patricia for taking on more tasks than they signed up for and doing the tasks so well. I was also impressed by the group because they wanted to do a set of interviews per group member. I thought it would be overwhelming to have 8 sets, but I took up the challenge, and now we have a really good set of data, a mix of private public and homeschoolers. It’s great! We were really able to see the theories in action.

I think we all also learned a lot from each other. We all learned skills like using the forum and Google Docs. We also learned how to encourage each other. I like how our group was always so positive. We also had different strengths that worked well together.  I also learned how to deal with groupmates and encourage them based on how others encouraged others.

We could have done better by sticking to our deadlines more so we wouldn’t have to cram in the end. We also could have finalized our assigned tasks earlier so we wouldn’t have to wait for groupmates to step up. I think some members could have contributed more as well, given the amount of work others had to do to finish the paper.

In terms of our actual output, I honestly believe it is of good quality, and I’m proud of our group and our work. I’m also happy I have a table of recommendations to refer to in the future. Perhaps we could have discussed the interview guides a bit more to make the questions more coherent between teacher and learner, and more representative of the modules. But I think the chosen questions (and in the order they were asked) were able to get the necessary information for us to determine the applied theories.

Overall, I am very happy with our group and with our outputs. smile Marissa, Patricia, Angelica, Mary Ann, Olive, Sarah, and Lorraine, thank you very much. smile heart


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