Module 3.4: How I Approach Learning

  • How do I approach learning? How do I expect from more knowledgeable others to help me learn?
    • Do I tend to be a passive learner? Do I want a more knowledgeable other (e.g., my teachers) to spoonfeed me or to transfer their knowledge to me?
    • Or do I prefer to construct knowledge? Do I ask myself questions and challenge my own understandings?  Am I stimulated by disequilibrium or do I ignore it?

How I approach learning depends on what I am learning and my motivations for doing so. If I need information quickly and temporarily, I would prefer to be spoonfed. For example, if I am taking pictures during an event and the subject of my photo requests certain effects, I would rather be told directly which buttons to press instead of figuring it out on my own.

However, in general, I prefer to construct knowledge. When I was younger, I would get into trouble in school because I would question and challenge my teachers when I felt their lectures were inadequate. I want to understand the how and why of things and not just know the what, when, where and who. I don’t like merely memorizing, and I like looking at the relationships between concepts and ideas. I tend to look at the big picture and come up with exceptions to rules so I can understand the rules better.

I also challenge and question myself. I often sit down and reflect on how I am living my life, and how I can be a better person. When I find new ways of doing things, I think about their validity and if they are applicable to my situation. Though I have an open mind, I am careful about believing ideas that do not make immediate sense to me. I am stimulated by this disequilibrium though, and turn things over in my head until I find a solution. Sometimes I come up with a solution that later turns out to be incorrect. Sometimes I do not find a solution. But I think that is okay. One can never fully know everything. Construction will always be a work in progress. I will just need to keep adjusting my mental constructs to accommodate the knowledge I gain throughout my life.


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