Module 1: Learning to Be A Teacher

  • After some thinking, write a personal statement about the following: What kind of teacher do you want to become? What strengths do you want to have? What kinds of potential weaknesses might you need to overcome?

My teaching experience is at the university level. As a person, I have an unquenchable thirst for learning. I think this serves me well as a teacher, because I keep wanting to learn about teaching. I want to share this love for learning with my students. I want my students to foster a healthy curiosity, and to know how to find answers to their questions. I want them to be self-directed. Other than that, I also want them to have positive behaviors and attitudes. I want them to have good character and values.

Because I want the above for my students, I need to be the kind of teacher that is able to deliver these things. It is difficult, and perfection cannot be attained, but I am not so easily discouraged. I start with my strengths. I am creative, cheerful and optimistic. I am open to trying out new ideas and teaching strategies. I have high standards for my work and I do my best to achieve them. I love my students and truly want the best for them. My enthusiasm is infectious, and my passion for my work shows in my teaching. I am always prepared for class and I make sure to use the allotted time wisely. Before entering a classroom, I also make sure I am in a good mood and leave the bad vibes at the door. Sometimes I feel like a performer, but I know I cannot take my stress out on my students.

In terms of potential weakness, I can get carried away with teaching the concepts of the lesson and end up not paying enough attention to the students in terms of affirming them. I need to be more conscious about giving positive comments to my students. I am also very conscious of time, and so I sometimes end up just using lectures instead of thinking of active learning strategies for my students so I can be sure to end class on time. This can be overcome by better planning.

I am excited about this course because I want to know how my students learn, and how I can apply these principles to help them learn better. Knowing how I myself learn will also aid me in learning teaching methods.


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