Reflections on Quiz 1

  • Unlimited attempts allowed.
  • Review button reveals correct answers.

Were these features intentional or accidental? Did I see these as opportunities for cheating?  How did I respond psychologically?

How will intentionally incorporating these features in the quiz setup productively serve student interest, if at all?  Can the gains, if any, outweigh the disadvantages?

Is Quiz 1 a lesson in itself?  (If it is, what did I learn?)


I am pretty sure the features of the quiz having unlimited attempts and having the review button reveal the correct answers were intentional. Our teacher definitely had a purpose for those two features. I am not sure what the purpose is, but I believe the features were there for our use.

When I first saw that there were unlimited attempts, I liked the idea because that meant I could take another chance if I didn’t do very well. I took the quiz and got a 7.5/15. I saw that  I could review the answers, and so I did. I studied some more and then took the quiz again. To my surprise, all the questions were the same, just jumbled up. I was surprised because I had taken an online course before, and we had 2 attempts at a quiz. For the second attempt, the quiz was remarkably different. I got confused while answering, and though I changed a few of my answers,  I ended up getting 7.5/15 again.

At this point, I wondered if the third attempt would still yield the same quiz, or if it was a trick and the third one would be different. Nevertheless, I reviewed all the answers, studied them, and took my third attempt. This time, I got 100% because it was still the same quiz. The fulfillment is a little bit empty because I was given the answers beforehand. I wondered what the reason could be for this.

Then I remembered the purposes of assessment. Could this be assessment AS learning? I think we were given unlimited attempts and the opportunity to review the answers for this purpose, and to test our perseverance. We were allowed to keep trying until we got all the answers right. As Dr. Lorna Earl mentioned in “Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind”, in assessment AS learning, students take charge of their learning. This is exactly what happened with Quiz 1. We were given the assessment, and then based on how we did, we went back to the materials and studied again. Because the correct answers were given, we were able to correct the misconceptions we had about the lessons. We were able to ensure that we understood the material in the way our teacher wanted us to understand it (based on the correct answers to the quiz).

The problem is when students do not see the opportunity for learning in Quiz 1. If students reviewed the answers and just memorized them to get a perfect score, then the quiz was not able to achieve its assessment AS learning objective (assuming that really is the objective). But I think that the advantage of the quiz outweighs the disadvantage.

Our teacher put up a note entitled “The Mystery of Quiz 1”. Now that I have written my reflection, I am excited to see what the real mystery is regarding this quiz!




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