Reflections on Assignment 2

What lessons did I learn from Assignment 2?
How would I like to have a similar experience in the future?

  • Will I want to do this again?
  • Shall I do something like it in a class that I (shall) teach?

I learned much from Assignment 2. First, I learned how hard it is to do groupwork online, especially since we were limited to communicating via the forum only. Each post had to be well thought out and in mostly English. It was difficult to compose posts in such a way that would be unambiguous to the reader. Eventually though, I got the hang of it.

The next challenge was understanding exactly what we were supposed to do. I had a feeling Teacher Malou made the assignment open-ended on purpose, and so I tried to figure things out without asking too many questions even as I found the instructions confusing. Fortunately, Eliza figured things out earlier, and so she guided our group with what we needed to do. I think though that next time I would ask more questions about things I found unclear.

I also felt bad about not meeting the deadlines I proposed for the group. My computer malfunctioned and I was not able to contribute early in the assignment. I did my best to be active and be a good groupmate to make up for coming in late. Eliza and Jezrel were ready to submit the day I showed up at the forum. I’m glad I was not discouraged from posting suggestions, a table of specs and rubrics even if they had already made these. In the end, we revised what they originally made and I think I was able to make a substantial contribution. I am also glad all of us were able to contribute to the assessment tool. I’m blessed to have such active groupmates.

I was really happy with using rubrics to grade groupmates. I think I will definitely use rubrics for that purpose in my class next semester. Normally I ask the students to grade their groupmates, but their criteria is completely up to their own personal discretions. Having the rubrics shown to the class before groupwork begins would definitely communicate to the students how they are expected to contribute. Students will also not be shy about grading their groupmates using objective criteria. I’m thinking of creating one rubric for the entire class during a class activity so they can have inputs as well.

I would appreciate a similar experience in the future. Assignment 2 was definitely more manageable with groupmates. However, I recognize that some students were not as lucky with their groupmates. I guess in that case it could possibly be more difficult to accomplish the task as a group rather than individually.

I would consider doing a similar activity for my class. I once had a teacher whose exam was something like create 1 easy question, 1 medium question and 1 difficult question, and then answer all the questions. This of course puts the burden of making the exam on the students. However, I am not sure how I would grade that. But then, I guess I can always make a rubric for that and show the students how they will be graded beforehand.


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