I would like to warmly welcome Teacher Malou, my classmates (especially Group G), and all visitors! 🙂

For our class, EDS 113: Principles and Methods of Assessment, we are required to have an online journal to broadcast our thoughts, reflections and musings about the topics discussed in this course. As a teacher, I assess my students all the time. However, I never took any formal classes about this. I have heard that there are numerous ways of assessment, each with its own purpose, and I would like to learn these so I can apply them in my classes. I am excited to go beyond quizzes, exams, lab reports and papers.

I am taking this course as part of the Professional Teaching Certificate in UP Open University. I am happy that I am enrolled in this program, after more than ten years of wanting to take education units. When I was an undergraduate student in biology, I took an Educational Psychology class, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had classmates who were taking education units so they could take the board exam. As I wanted to go into teaching and research, I initially thought I would have to take the board exam as well. But even though I learned that I didn’t have to, a part of me still wanted to be a licensed teacher. I also wanted training in how to be an effective teacher. However, the demands of being a college instructor caught up with me, and I did not have the time to enroll in classes. I also did not have the freedom to choose my schedule, and so I put “taking the LET” in my things-to-do-later box. After a few years, I learned that UPOU had an online program, and I was very excited. It took a few more years before I was finally able to pursue this goal, but now that I am here I am determined to achieve it.


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